The Green Who Stole My Heart

I feel very green today. You know, due to the all green on me. Green forests are more and more decreasing. I love green. Anyway, less leaves mean less oxygen. And that's why global warming is happening. And I think global warming is an extremely concerning topic. I do all sort of  things that I'm capable of to slow that process. Though I can't take shower for LESS than FOUR MINUTES. I mean, seriously, who showers in 4 minutes? I need at least fifteen! I suppose if you're in a hurry that's permissible. And I had two cup of coffee today. So ignore my babbling.

hat, unbranded ; necklace, design by Aki ; ring, vintage ; t-shirt, Zara ; skirt, Gaudi ; wedges ; Charles&Keith

I'm not sure why, but I think wearing my hat like this is a little creepy.

I found this hat and this Alice in Wonderland necklace on my shopping trip yesterday. And that's a watch from my latest trip to Singapore. Anyway, after I-lost-count-times of visiting Singapore. I FINALLY took pictures in front of Merlion statue. It's the symbol of Singapore. You know that Singapore actually comes from "Singa" and "pore". Singa is a lion. And "pore" means country. So it's a country of lion. Boy, that's not intimidating at all! Anyway, I had fun there. Had some cute purchases too. I bought three watches. I have a thing with watches. I wear them everyday. Therefore it's absolutely understandable why I bought three watches.

Oh, and that's my mom. It was just the two of us. And I think I spent less than 36 hours there. As I said, it was a very short trip. But it was worth the exhaustion. I got to breathe new air and feels new atmosphere. Met new people. Met a cute cashier guy at an Indonesian restaurant. And met that taxi driver I met last March when I was visiting too. Oh, and shopping of course.


  1. wo... cute!
    lovely hat..

  2. haha love your babbling :D I usually have 2-3 cups of coffee a day and looove talking :D i don't have time in the morning to stand in the shower for 15 or 20 minutes, my motto should be quick & effective! I don't take time but i guess it's about 5 minutes it takes... or actually, what i have time to.

    love all your accessories, the necklace is super cute :)

    and thanks hun, i was really impressed by your comment! me again loves make-up and just feel natural putting on make-up everyday, but there is no right or wrong. just be you! <3

    ps. i never know which of your blogs i should comment back to, is it this one you use the most?

  3. uh, forgot the recommendation :D i don't know yet what to recommend, i have used the maybelline twice! in the past i used a lipstick by Clinique (or was is Clarins) and the shade was *something* Vintage. I loved it, stole it from my mom all the time. Erm, sorry but that's all I can say :D

  4. gorgeous outfit, love your hat and your jewellery and your whole outfit!
    i love your blog so much i'm following you!

  5. Me too ! I can't shower in less than 15 minutes . Haha . So how was Singapore ? Haha . Love your outfit ! Nice hat and skirt :D

  6. hahaha is that Indonesian male fashion blogger to rare hunny???? LMAO,
    i love your wedges anyway..

    Let's follow each others,,

    Beny Ricardo Sadwewo

  7. hi Stevia!
    yes I agree with you, gah, the weather is totally insane makes me all sweaty when I wore that tailored pants.
    Pretty hat by the way! and I love all the pictures here! beautiful! oh and that quotes on your blog header, that's Kurt's right? I love him!

  8. nice outfit... :)

    join my ol shop giveaway dear if you want it,,
    PhieGarage's Giveaway

  9. thank you all for the lovely comments. again, it makes me smile!

    and dear talia, that IS kurt's quote on my header. I love him too!

    OMG. I'm such a gleek! LOL

  10. I KNEW IT! (I love him) (Kurt) (Darn, except he's gay)


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