The Green Who Stole My Heart

I feel very green today. You know, due to the all green on me. Green forests are more and more decreasing. I love green. Anyway, less leaves mean less oxygen. And that's why global warming is happening. And I think global warming is an extremely concerning topic. I do all sort of  things that I'm capable of to slow that process. Though I can't take shower for LESS than FOUR MINUTES. I mean, seriously, who showers in 4 minutes? I need at least fifteen! I suppose if you're in a hurry that's permissible. And I had two cup of coffee today. So ignore my babbling.

hat, unbranded ; necklace, design by Aki ; ring, vintage ; t-shirt, Zara ; skirt, Gaudi ; wedges ; Charles&Keith

I'm not sure why, but I think wearing my hat like this is a little creepy.

I found this hat and this Alice in Wonderland necklace on my shopping trip yesterday. And that's a watch from my latest trip to Singapore. Anyway, after I-lost-count-times of visiting Singapore. I FINALLY took pictures in front of Merlion statue. It's the symbol of Singapore. You know that Singapore actually comes from "Singa" and "pore". Singa is a lion. And "pore" means country. So it's a country of lion. Boy, that's not intimidating at all! Anyway, I had fun there. Had some cute purchases too. I bought three watches. I have a thing with watches. I wear them everyday. Therefore it's absolutely understandable why I bought three watches.

Oh, and that's my mom. It was just the two of us. And I think I spent less than 36 hours there. As I said, it was a very short trip. But it was worth the exhaustion. I got to breathe new air and feels new atmosphere. Met new people. Met a cute cashier guy at an Indonesian restaurant. And met that taxi driver I met last March when I was visiting too. Oh, and shopping of course.

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