Excuse Me, Sir, I'm Looking For Summer

WHERE is summer? Sure, there's a few hours of sunshine every now and then but the rest are grey skies with endless rains. How dreadful. 
I love the cold, for sure, but all the time I'm wondering where in the world is summer?

dress, Yellowline ; cardigan, Minimal ; watch, Singapore street market

Apologies for the flip flops. Too lazy to be in heels.
There was a moment of sunshine on Sunday. Therefore I used it wisely.

Funny story, I wore this to a blind date last March. And the strap of the dress failed me. Yet, that strap, did that very same thing in the middle of the Sunday service. I had to improvise. Don't ask.

This is one of my favorite summer dress. It has a vintage feels somehow. I think it has to do with the color and the pattern. Anyway, STILL looking for SUMMER!

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