Excuse Me, Sir, I'm Looking For Summer

WHERE is summer? Sure, there's a few hours of sunshine every now and then but the rest are grey skies with endless rains. How dreadful. 
I love the cold, for sure, but all the time I'm wondering where in the world is summer?

dress, Yellowline ; cardigan, Minimal ; watch, Singapore street market

Apologies for the flip flops. Too lazy to be in heels.
There was a moment of sunshine on Sunday. Therefore I used it wisely.

Funny story, I wore this to a blind date last March. And the strap of the dress failed me. Yet, that strap, did that very same thing in the middle of the Sunday service. I had to improvise. Don't ask.

This is one of my favorite summer dress. It has a vintage feels somehow. I think it has to do with the color and the pattern. Anyway, STILL looking for SUMMER!


  1. Oh oh, I notice you changed your hair! Very cute, I like it! I love the collar on your dress! I remember when my dress strap broke once, it was so embarrassing. I had to safety-pin it!

  2. hey honey don't apologize for not wearing heels, you look just great =) mom got them via her job, she gets often tickets that way to special events, I've seen two Idols finales thank to my mother :DD
    No it's not fur, don't know what it is but I call it my rug, it looks like one haha! SATC 2 was actually great, better than the first one! I recommend watching it, the entire audience laughed several times during the film and the beginning is genious, we all laughed, especially at Miranda hehe :DDD

  3. nice dress, and don't worry about the filp flops
    i think they suit the theme ;)

    btw, so in love with your blog banner!
    is it u in the pic?

    Castor Pollux

  4. hello hello yang dari bandung, thank you for the comment and late reply ,nice look and dress.
    feel free to follow and link, i'll do the same :)
    keep posting dear :)
    seneng deh ktmu sama sama bandung.hehe

  5. dear castor pollux, that is me and my sis on the banner

    thank you for all the comments
    you guys put a smile on my lousy day!


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