Diabolical Cycle

Oh. I cannot decipher to you how bored I am right now. I despise this kind of feeling. It fills me with a sense of failure. It's a heinous feeling. I hate feeling like failure. I mean, who doesn't? The thing is, experience of feeling like a failure happens a lot. No. It's not because I'm a perfectionist. Hardly. It's just that when I don't have a list of things to do, I sort of relentlessly thinking. Thinking about how I have accomplish nothing and it just seems like I lead an aimless life. Then it will lead me to the thought "what's the point of living?". Later, I would succumb to a depression. I can sense it. That depression floating above me. Ready to pull me in to its diabolical cycle.

Now enough whimpering! Sorry. I shouldn't have write that. But blogging has been my... well.. not exactly a cure. More like a morfin. Where it can lessen the pain. 

Anyway. Here what I wore this afternoon.

hat, unbranded ; cropped cardi, Mango ; tanktop, B'Girl magazine bonus ; skirt, ITC Mangga Dua ; shoes, BTC ; bangles, Gaudi; watch, Singapore street markets.

I love this skirt. I had this for so long. I used to wear it rather often. But it has been abandoned at the back of the closet since I don't really wear skirts to uni. The brick orange and green color was one of the reason I bought this skirt. I thought it was a smart color combo! And I happened to love the model. The next thing, it came home with me!

My pathetic attempt of editing photos to draw your attention to my lovely accessories. And of course, so you can see the beautiful detail of my cropped cardi.


  1. i'm in loove with your topper hat!! =)


  2. thank you, kaye!

    that hat is kinda awesome ;p


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