It's A Wet Wet World

I know it's exaggerating, but Bandung has been raining every single day. I like it cause it gets cold and comfy for me but then that means no time to do photo shoot outside! Everywhere wet and damped I had no choice to take pictures inside.

I just got home from a photo session in a studio. My sis that is. I didn't. I'm utterly content doing my own photo shoot without no one bossing me around.

I was trying to do multitasking. Playing with my puppy and took pictures also. Divo looks like he's loving the bag. So do I! It's mom's and of course it's fabulous cause that word just describes my mom's style. Nothing but the best!

The bag has studded details and this exquisite sun-like-detail. Just phenomenal.

Anyway. I hate the fact that my flowery legging which arrived yesterday fit super lame one me. It's too short. I was considering to change but it was already 9.30 and my sis should be at the studio by 10. So instead changing the legging, I grab my bag and my blackberry and rushed to the garage.
I had to admit. It has an enchanting pattern. I've been really into flowers lately. It just happens without me realizing it. A year ago you asked me if I ever wear a flowery legging, I would most definitely answered no.


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