It was so hot when we had our photo shoot. Oh well, it's always hot around here. 
My sister is wearing a black t-shirt, my floral skirt, and black flats. The hat is not ours. We borrowed it from our friend who assist us on our photo shoot.

I'm wearing blue vintage dress, a brown belt, and my sister's gladiator sandal, then I switch to a white flats. The hat is again, belongs to our friend. 
My blue dress was pretty hideous when I got it. It was an ankle length and I look like drowning when wearing it. I had it cut to a knee length which I think sweeter and more logical to wear in such a warm
weather like my country.
Detail of the floral skirt. I just love this skirt. You can dress it up with heels and leather jacket and you ready for a night out. Or you can dress it down with flats and lousy t-shirt and you can go to a lovely picnic.
That's our puppy. His name is Divo and he's about 3months old. He's a pain in the butt but with that much cuteness in your face, you can't really get people mad at you.

Oh joy!
The first documentation of our outfit is done. Yeay!


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I also love floral skirts, yours seems lovely. That puppy is too cute!

  2. thank you!
    yes yes. Sometimes my puppy is too cute to be true ;)


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