After long time of contemplating, I decided to just go with it. What I meant. is to blog by myself. If I have to keep waiting for my sister to have a photo shoot, I would probably update every other month. So cheers to blogging by myself! Though of course my sister would be a guest star every other month.
Half an hour scrutinizing my Nikon camera, I finally figured out how to use the self-timer. Yeay for me! I really need to spend more quality time with my Nikon camera.
So I spent another half an hour to determine where to take the pictures. Inside our town house is definitely not adequate. The other option is take pictures outside. But I wasn’t sure where. I don’t want people to staring at me while I do poses. That’s just won’t do. Then I took a peek outside the window and it seems like the coast is clear. I finally chose a small spot beside my townhouse. It was quite isolated but still there’s a possibility people will see me, so I was a little worried. But I managed to take pictures without anyone noticing!
So this is basically what I wear on daily basis when I have classes at my university.

I’m wearing blue checked shirt, washed out jeans, blue flats, white tote bag, and stack of bracelets which I all acquire randomly at bazaars. I wasn’t so sure about the tucked-in shirt. But it looks so ordinary if I didn’t tuck it in. Confession: I didn’t tuck the shirt in to class.
You probably wondering what’s with the hand on the head poses. It started to rain after I’ve been outside for like 10 minutes. So I had to end the photo shoot. But I think I got pretty acceptable pics!
I love stacking bracelets. It makes my look not too plain without being over the top.

Tomorrow is the last day of my final exam. Woohoo! Here comes holiday.
Oh wait, I still have to prepare my thesis. Shoot.


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