Pretty In Red

I'm not saying I'm pretty, you know. I was just trying to find a nice title. Remember? Pretty In Pink movie. I never watched that movie. Is it good? It sounds very... er... pink. I think that's before my era. Before I was born in fact. 1986, (mm.. yea, I totally just googled it) to be precise.

Anyway, I think it's a cute title. It's kinda dorky, I suppose. Do pardon my lack of creativity. It's never my strongest suit.

As promised, I feature my kick-ass red leather jacket. It's not real leather, though. It's synthetic.

Finally, there's a moment of clarity this afternoon when I got home from church. So I deliberately took the opportunity to take pictures. 

And excuse the excess pictures in this post. My sister was helping me with the photo shoot. Blame her for taking such great pictures I can't decide which NOT to post.

I'm wearing red leather jacket, black loose top which I got from Scotish II , aladdin pants, and red flats which I purchased from Love Andalasia (it's one of my good friend online store!)

I like the fact that when I took off the jacket, my red-blood-color flats still give that excitement instead of all black dead boring outfit.

 The accessories. I kinda like taking close-up on the accessories. Definitely will do it again.


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