Mall Rats

Happy ascension day! Yes, we did go to church if you were wondering. Then me, my sis, my mom, and my grandma (yes, they were visiting today!) went from mall to mall.

I love going mall to mall. It's fun to see cool branded stuff that I can't afford. And just walking around beautiful clothes and gorgeous shoes that makes you drool. Oh well. I guess it's kinda pathetic but I kinda like it. Haha

Guest star for the day is our cousin, Jemima. She's so exotic. And she has the best hair ever. It's so silky and straight. I'm jealous

Jemima is wearing stripey t-shirt, white crisp knee-length pants, and silver gladiator sandals. 
My sis (yes! No sisterless post today!) is wearing yellow tanktop with yellow batwing outerwear, dark brown jeans, and gladiator sandals too.
I'm wearing jeans jacket, grey flowery tunic (been feeling floral lately!), black legging, and my favorite studded flats. I was wearing a black belt. But later I took it off. It looks to much going on the top with my jeans jacket.
Of course, I have my watch with me. The strap is a gradation between pink and gold and white. It's really pretty. I should take a close up picture on that watch sometime. And I also have my black beaded bracelet with me. I did take a close up pic on that bracelet on 2 previous post.

Detail of my flowery tunic. I bought this online. It's so lovely I simply have to have it. It's not expensive either! Yes!

So our mothers were trying out clothes and we decided to be productive. And yes, by all means, we take pictures.

Holiday has finally come. Woohoo!
Times for late night sleep and awake AFTER the sun rises.
I'm so happy right now. I don't want to start to work on my thesis proposal. But I have to! Oh dear!


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