Bohemian Rhapsody

The holiday tastes sweet. The joy of nothing to do. No quiz or assignment or presentation to worry about. Just hanging out all day long and having fun. 

It was really hot this morning when we had our photoshoot. Seriously. It was 7 a.m. in the morning and the sun is already burning. Global warming does no good to my hair. Cause when it's too hot, my hair got all flat. Bummer.

So I thought I should get back to my favourite item. Dresses. I like little dresses. They make you look stylish instantly. I like those bohemian dresses with vivid colours and unique patterns. It just screams summer.

Both of us are wearing dresses from Bali. I love that island. I've only been there 3 times my whole life. I think I should go there this holiday. Idea!

Check out our ride to school everyday. Pretty sweet, huh? It's dad's of course. But the fact that he trusted us to dirve his favorite car every single day is the prove he loves us more than anything.

Time for self-timer and goofy poses! Errr... Yeah.. 
We sort of went overboard with the hairology.

Forgive my poses. I haven't have my coffee yet.

Until the next post!


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