Mega Post

So I'll say very little and more pictures. Besides, a picture worths a thousand words, right?

Not a sisterless post today. Yeay!

My sister is wearing a white crisp blazer, grey jumpsuit, and white wedges.

I'm wearing a cropped outerwear,  black top, black high-waist skirt, lacey stocking, black wedges, flowery (again!) bag, sparkly bracelet, and a long necklace.

Detail of my flowery bag which I purchased online. 

Check out my sparkly bracelet. I got it from my aunt. She said it's swarovski. She had a trip to Dubai and she knows how much I love silly little thing so she bought me this. 
How sweet is she?

So thanks to me for discovering how to use the self-timer, we experimented a little. And then we just have fun with it. Enjoy!


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