Mad Hat

Finally after so much trouble, I got the modem and now I can post anytime I want. Yeay!

So 2 days ago my mom was possesed by some super-generous-spirit or something, cause she bought me anything I want! So I chose this impecable orange hat. I also chose a kick-ass red leather jacket. That will be on the next post.

I'm wearing a tribal print t-shirt I got from online store, woven brown belts, brown shorts, my new hat, and brown peep-toe heels.

You know, I got a lot of good stuff with reasonable price from online store. I should promote some of them sometimes.

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  1. Thank you :)

    Great blog I like your style!! :)


  2. Great styling!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. ; )

  3. no problem at all! ;)
    thx for commenting too


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