I wasn't so sure to post or not today.
First, my sister somehow refuse to be the object of the picture.
Second, my outfit was pretty plain.
Third, I wasn't that excited to take pictures cause I have final exam waiting for me tomorrow.
Fourth, we didn't take that much picture.

But then I decided to post anyway. Cause I don't think I can post anything tomorrow. Tomorrow is the start of my final exam week. Not too happy about it.

Anyway, I thought I'll make it up with more photos from today and yesterday.

This morning I was wearing a white top with lace details at the neckline, harem pants, studded flats, and embroided black bag. I accessorized with a black beaded bracelet.

The strangest thing happened. A cat was walking by and I was like "meong meong" and suddenly it stopped walking and ask for a rub on the belly. Personally I would, but I have a dog, so I don't think that would be the best idea.

Yesterday, I was wearing a floral top, black skinny belt, and black shorts. I had my flowery bag also. I guess I went overboard with the flowery thing. Oh, well.
The picture is a little blurry. Sorry for that.
Detail of my top. It has this vintage feel cause it's chiffon and the pattern is vintage too. 
I took this picture yesterday. I kinda proud of it. Cause I think it turned out really cool. I know, I'm lame.
A sneaky picture I took inside a minimarket. Do you know you can't take picture inside any store or restaurant or even a storebook? Boo!

Now I have to get back to my final exam prep. Hmmmph! Not happy.


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