Banging Bangs

That's a lame title. But I suppose that's a little funny.

Still juggling between side bangs or blunt bangs. But today I thought I try those Japanese style. Yay or nay? I believe it's a nay. Cause my mom and my grandma didn't approve. So I took my hair down again.

top, online store ; pants, unbranded ; watch, Fossil

Yesterday, my friends from out of town was visiting. It was so much fun. That day victoriously pulled me out of my depression blackhole. They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, my friends make me laugh. So I guess FRIENDS are the BEST MEDICINE.

I was wearing cardigan, unbranded; flowery top, CCC ; sandals, Charles&Keith ; bag, MiuMiu

blunt bangs


side bangs?

All yesterday's pics belongs to Anton Effendi , our photographer of all events.

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