Blair Hairology

Today, I decided to do the photo shoot inside our townhouse. Ar first I wasn't to excited at the idea. But my sister refuse to have a photo shoot today. And I wasn't really interested getting all sweaty to do the photo shoot outside. But it turned really good. 
I had more fun doing the photo shoot inside. Cause I don't have to worry about getting caught while doing poses!

And of course, one of the many perks, it's not as hot! So I succeeded to have a flatless hair photo shoot. Don't blame me for utilizing it! 

On this post, I would like to dedicate this to my fashion icon. Blair Waldorf. She's bitchy and she's real. She doesn't say nice things just to make people happy. She works hard to get to where she is now. And that's why I love her. You know, besides having an awesome sense of fashion.

I'm wearing a vintage top, my sister's high heels, quilted shoulder bag, headband (of course!), and a black belt. I even curled my hair a little to give a more Blair look!

And without furthure due, allow me to present you, the HAIROLOGY!

I'm going home to my hometown later tonight. So I wouldn't be posting as much. Cause there's no internet connection at my home. But I'll try to post using wifi!


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