Sometimes It's Not All About You

My outfit today was actually pretty post-worthy. But I was too lazy to take any pics. Okay that's a lie. I took a bunch of pictures I started to get sick of taking pictures. (i never thought that day would come!) It was for my online store. Yea. I'm selling my old clothes that I've never worn for the past 3 months.
You can visit them on Facebook here : SecondFashion Shop
So if you are anywhere in Indonesia, do check June Collection album. 
All in very reasonable prices!
I'm just dying to get it out of my closet so I have rooms for new clothes. Yeay!
That's just how I do my inventory cycle. 

But I thought I post some amazing photos of my favorite VS Angels. Behati Prinsloo. Cause, you know, sometimes life is not all about you.

She is just the sweetest thing you ever seen in the VS runway. Not as sexy as other angels.
But too adorable to ignore.
And I love her personal style too!