A Beachy Taste in The Middle of The City

For all of you Bandung peeps out there, you should definitely check out this cafe. Azzura.
It just opened and as I sat on the white chair with blue cushion, I'm in the mood for lying around on the beach.


Does my top look pink to you? It's actually salmon colored. It looks like a little orange in some pictures. After a long journey to find the perfect salmon colored top, my quest has finally come to an end. I love tha fact that it's flowy and just so summery.

I instantly fell in love with the collar detail and the light material.

Can you tell that the food looks so good? IT WAS.

A little heart-to-heart session here. 
So I took the TOEFL test. And apparently,I didn't put my middle name while I registered for the test. However, all my ID has my middle name in it. And it will cause problems because the name registered doesn't match the name on the ID. I was upset. How can I be so careless? I don't do careless. I'm meticulously perfect all the time. I feel like I lost myself.
Anyway, I email-ed (is that even a word?) the TOEFL center. And now I just anxiously waiting for reply. Hopefully, everything can be smoothed down so I don't have to waste another $165 for another test.
For all of you who is planning to take TOEFL, make sure the registered name is EXACTLY the same with the one written on your ID. I sure learned my lesson.

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