My Fair (Lady) Complexion

I am one of those person who just can't get tan. I guess I just have to be thankful for that. But I do must be careful for sunburns! I hope every one is wearing sunblock and sun protection either it be hats or sunnies :)

My visa just got approved!
What visa? (you ask)
Well.. I am going on a mini vacation tomorrow! To Seoul! (this is what I was so excited about on my New In The Block post)  My blog would be rather quiet.. I tried to look for guest bloggers but I guess I did it slightly too late. I guess I should've look for guest bloggers since a week ago but I wasn't sure if I would get the visa or not.. Therefore I delay and delay. 
Oh well! I promise to bring you tons of pictures as soon as I'm back! <3
South Korea, here I come!

floral headband and dress - thrifted, ring - gifted from a friend, shoes - BTC

On another topic, I am TERRIBLE at this 30 Days Photo Challenge.
Also, the fact that I still have to finish packing and just gaziliion little things that need to be done : going to money changer, taking my passport from the travel agent, printing my flight ticket, printing itienary, getting a new charger for my dslr (it strangely won't work!),  making sure I have enough money in my phone for roaming phone calls and texts to home, not to mention my dog is having a little cough and I have to make sure he sleeps in the house every night (this is a little out of topic.. LOL), I just can't keep up with this Challenge.
I guess I have to take a step back and get back on track when I get back from my trip :)

Anybody know this series?

Oh, I also submitted this post to Thursdays are for Thrifters on the lovely Meagan's blog :)

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