Every Rose Has It's Thorn

~Hello, March~

Every rose has it's thorn. Every good things has a negative side in them. As well as the bad stuff has a silver lining if you just step back and look around. I guess it's a just a way of seeing life. What was the quote?

"You can cry because roses have thorns or you can rejoice because thorns have roses."

I say, let's rejoice and enjoy the beauty of everything that comes to you this March comes. Thorns or roses, I am well determined to greet it with a curious and hopeful spirit.

Have a fantastic March, all!

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flower crown - ViaDeLaRosa, lacey panel chiffon top - c/o Auburn and Ginger, rose skirt - BTC, vintage necklace - Stradivarius, colorful bracelet - Bali, red heels - IWearUp

PS. I have been sick-ish lately. So sorry for a delay in replying comments and MIA on twitter!
PPS. You can see sweats in my hair! LOL. It was a hot day and my balcony feels like a sauna..


  1. Lovely outfit! I love that each piece has roses! Hope you have a lovely March too!

    Sita xx

  2. nice look and pics, love it :*

  3. That head piece is beautiful!! Love the skirt :-)

    I also have a post named Every Rose Has Its Thorn :-)!

    XO Jenna

  4. You look so beautiful! Pretty skirt

  5. OooooOoooo! I am loving this edgier take on a romantic outfit of yours. Love the rose theme and that dark top <3

    Trendy Teal

  6. awesome quotes ❤
    and super love your lace and floral outfit :D

  7. for the first, thank you for visit my blog,,

    like your skirt.. Flower!!!

    Happy March darling...

  8. so pretty ci! floral crownnya adorable banget, suka juga sm skirtnya :)

    have a nice day ya ci!


  9. aw beautiful~ like your pics and your skirt too~

  10. get well soon>>>

    I know these days the weather is bandung is terribly bad :(



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