LBDs Assemble!

Hi, guys!
For those of you who understand the titles, hey there, fellow Marvel fans. I'm typing this in the middle of a packing breakdown. I always get overwhelmed whenever I try to pack for my travels mostly because I want to bring the whole closet with me. But in the midst of chaos, I thought I should just bring a bunch of little black dresses, rely on accessories for a pop of colour, and call it a day. These are my top four little black dresses that I plan to bring! My favourite is bottom right since it has a longer hemline and very ladylike, altho it still looks super cute with a white slip ons.

If you're like me and in need of LBD to save your packing panic attack, you can browse around just fashion now to find your LBD saviour. I do like this number below with its flattering V neckline, nipped in waist, and uneven hemline. It's understated yet still has so much detail going on making it far from boring. This JustFashionNow black dress will be yours with only $37! How cool is that?

I also absolutely love how it plays on my interest in vintage clothing. I always find vintage clothing actually transcend the ever-passing trends. Keeping it classic is the only way to look timeless. These are 10 Vintage Fashion Designers featured on StyleWe blog for your sartorial inspiration.

Anyway, I am off to down under Australia today. I did scheduled two posts next week, wouldn't want to be on a hiatus for too long!

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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