February Favourites

Hi, guys!
It is a new month and I'm excited to share with you some stuff that I have been loving in the past month of February. With 28 days, I do feel like it's a short month but March has lots of exciting things happening too so I'm not exactly sad that February is over. But anyway, let's get started!

My first favourite is definitely this beautiful bouquet of roses from my fiancee that he got for our Valentine's Day dinner. It actually has some glitter all over the petals which I'm not too fond of but I don't care. I just love love love flowers and seeing them in my room just makes me happy.

Besides the flowers, he also got me these chocolates and I still have a few of them left actually despite the fact that I eat at least two every single day. I'm not the biggest fans of chocolate, I prefer savoury snacks, but there's no denying that Ferrero Rocher is winning in the battle of the chocolates. Honestly, I saw at least five other friends give their girlfriends/wives this chocolate.

SugarBear Hair Vitamins are all the rage since Kylie Jenner mentions it in her instagram post. Of course soon enough, I saw it on my favourite bloggers. I have been itching to try this vitamin since last year but only took the plunge this January and finally purchased a bottle. I absolutely love their smell! It smells so sweet and blueberry-like. The taste is really yummy too. To be quite frank, I don't see any significant changes in my hair so I don't think I'm going to order my second bottle despite the fact that eating these bears are my favourite things to do in the morning.

Again, a disclaimer, I am NOT sponsored by MAC in any way. I do enjoy using their product and it's my very first high-end brand that I ever purchased back when I was a teenager so I always love coming back to their store (and why their product somehow always made it to my favourites posts). But anyway, for my everyday blush this month, I keep coming back to this "Blush Baby". It just gives a really nice flush, a touch of colour that looks very natural on me. I usually love my Benefit "Dandelion" but that one has shimmer and MAC ones is matte and I just feel like doing matte looks these days.

I ran out on my NARS radiant creamy concealer and I immediately purchased another one but between those days, I make do with Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and oh my, I suddenly remembered that this is such a good concealer! Indeed they required two layers to get the best of them but for such an affordable price, two layers is not so bad. I tried a NYX concealer once and it didn't cover anything and both has similar price! Girls, if you're on a budget and in need of decent concealer, make sure you check out Maybelline.

My all time favourite contour palette is Anastasia Beverly Hills' (the powder ones) and for the strangest reason, this Tarte contour palette, which I have had for a while, is calling my name. Maybe its the vanilla scent that hypnotised me but it's the only contour palette I wore in the past 3 weeks. And call me crazy, but I feel like it gives so much pigment in one swipe and that saves 5 minutes at the very least.

I always feel guilty that I don't have that many fashion favourites month after month. I guess it's just because I always try my best to rotate my clothing items to make sure they all got a good wear and I don't waste away my money. However, I do love these two earrings and wore them quite often this February month. If you follow me on my social media, you'll see the tassel earrings a couple times. The bellflower earrings are gorgeous as well but it's so heavy that sometimes I only wear it to take pics.

As per usual, I close this favourite post with an entertainment piece and this month, I present to you, Agents of SHIELD Season 4 episode 15 "Self Control". I don't even know where to begin, this episode just gives you SO MUCH FEELS. From terrified, creeped out, paranoid, devastated, and then empowered.. I mean, just look at the pic above, you can say, she bumped into a field of Daisies. 
I would definitely say this is the best Agents of SHIELD episode ever. If you're not familiar with Agents of SHIELD, they are a spin off from Marvel universe. And when a Whedon is involved, you'll get the best of visual effects (and lots of primary character deaths). Honestly, the visual effects that this week episode had, is out of this TV world. You don't usually get that gorgeous visual effect in a TV production.
And I can't wait for another pod. FYI, Season 4 started with their first pod, which called "Ghost Rider" and those episodes introduced the Darkhold book. Which carries on to the second pod called "LMD" (Life Model Decoy) which introduced us to the "Framework" and I guess the next pod will focused on the framework (which is like a virtual world where only your mind alive, while your body is stuck in the real world). Ah, I wish it will be April already!

I apologised for the lengthy explanation of that last favourite, what can I say, I have been a fan since day one. And I don't talk about this series with anyone (not even my fiancee) just because I'm afraid people are going to think I'm a weirdo for obsessing about a fictional characters. And I bet only one of you actually read all of this. LOL.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a great start of March!


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