March Favourites

Hi, guys!
Can't believe it's the end of the month already. Honestly, March has been a pure bliss despite its up and down. I'm just so grateful that I'm still happy, healthy, and alive surrounded with loving family and friends. What more can a girl want? But anyway, here are some items that I have been loving in the month of March.

First thing in order is this surprisingly comfy pair of nude heels from Aldo. I got this just a couple days before I left for our Australia trip and so happy I made the purchase because they look good with a lot of dresses that I brought with me. Trust me, this heels will make tons of appearances in my prewedding pictures.

Fun bag straps are so in with major fashion houses are coming up with a collection. Obviously, I would love to have a Fendi bejewelled strap but for now this adorable silver strap with black flowers will just have to do. I'm glad I picked up the silver one since it matches my black Longchamp, my grey Fendi mini 2jours, and this Gucci Boston bag so well! I got a couple compliments too when I wear this :)
If you want to check other straps, go to their instagram at

Since I only brought one sunnies with me on my travel, it's a no brainer that I picked this classic little lady right here. They just look good on everything I wore that day. On the plus side, the nose pads are super comfy for my tiny Asian nose.

I did bring two eyeshadow palette on my trip This Tarte Tartelette in Bloom and Too Faced Chocolate Bar. I do love Chocolate Bar palette but the so many choice of colours are just not for me. It took me another 5 minutes just to figure out which colour I want in my eyes that day. Thankfully, I did bring Tartelette in Bloom and I'm sure all beauty junkie know that this palette have three rows and you can create a beautiful eye look with using all the colours in one row. And I just love how user friendly this palette is! Making my mornings easier for sure.

Pretty sure I included this in my previous favourites before but I want to include this Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray because this have been a God-sent for my prewedding photo session. We would leave the apartment in the morning and shoot all day, sometimes until dinner time and I did bring blotting papers, a blush on and lipsticks for touch ups but that's pretty much it. Without this spray, I would have flaking around my nose five to six hours later, not to mention smudged eyeliner. When I got back at night, all of my make up are still in tact. So yeah, definitely a recommended setting spray!

Roll-On Perfumes are my new favourites. I have three so far and this VS Forever Sexy is not actually the most worn so I thought I'd bring it for my travel. They are so small and so handy for that after mid-day sweat. Making sure you smell good for an afternoon coffee meet up and dinner.

Now I'm pretty sure I would buy anything that Lang Leav wrote. I have all of her poetry books and never disappointed. It really touches your melancholy side with such beautifully written words.

Downloaded this app just so I have something to play with to pass time on my 6 hours flight and man, I am hooked. Pretty much all of my free time is now being spend in this game. Not the most productive but I'll give it three months before I start to get bored like pretty much any other games I have ever played before.

I think this movie will be in everybody's favourite this month. Emma Watson was such a darling in this movie. Kinda make me miss Harry Potter series. I'm so happy she found bigger better movies to do! She's such a smart and elegant lady. But back to the movie, I just love every single second on the screen. Everything was well-thought out and every detail is just mesmerising. And I'm not sure why so many people hating the legendary yellow ballgown. I personally love it to bits. Yes, it's not very grand, but it fits with Belle personality and so easy to move in! Honestly, that ballroom dance is my favourite scene. Can't stop humming Beauty and The Beast until now.

The highlight of this month for sure is our 10 days trip to Australia! We had so much fun and so much good food I need to start hitting the gym harder. But anyway, a more thorough posts about our adventures down under in my April posts. That's me by the way in front of St. Mary's Church, one of an important landmark in Sydney.

If you like my pretty lace dress, here's another beautiful white option from Chic Mall. For white dresses, I like them short so it's not too bridal. I am loving the neckline a little too much. Such a gorgeous dress that you can dress up or down very easily. Paired it with a nude heels or a simple black flats and you can get two wears out of this dress already. Not to mention the endless option of outerwear you can wear it with. Anyway, for more gorgeous and cheap evening dresses (g√ľnstige elegance abendkleider), you can check out Chic Mall.

batou spritzen trompete

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