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Put together this easy breezy outfit for watching Huntsman : Winter's War last weekend. Wanted something that is fuss-free because I wasn't feeling that well (headache all day boohoo) and here is what I came up with. This white pants has been my go-to bottom choice these days not only because it's comfy, it's also very spring. Despite my insecurities about my thighs (not everyone is blessed with thigh gap) I decided to just man up and put these photos up. 
Anyway, I'm not sure why everybody hate the movie. I mean this one is so much better than the last one! At least, it has more action scenes and better visual effects too, IMHO. Click Read More to read my ramblings about this movie (spoiler alert)

So let's talk movies. I heard from so many people to not watch Huntsman : Winter's War because there's no storyline. Mm.. Yes there is, otherwise there wouldn't be a movie. I personally think it was smart to go back to Huntsman's (Eric) past and yes, I didn't mind seeing more Chris Hemsworth, because as we all know Kristen Stewart had an affair with the director's on the last movie hence they decided to omit her in this movie. Focusing on Eric's past is something that is needed because in the Snow White and The Huntsman, we only know that his wife passed away, so it was actually nice to see what had happened.

However, I do feel weird that Eric didn't pursue his feelings for Snow White and the movie didn't explain why. I wish they did tho. That's probably my only concern about this movie. I think that part is for the next movie? And how they build a story on how Sara is still alive is not that bad either. Wished there's a little bit more flashback about that too but Ice Queen Freya monologue is adequate enough. The dwarves were the best thing in the movie. They provided the much needed humor without being forced. Talk about being forced, the accents were just horrible. I think in the first 15 minutes I feel super annoyed with those old not-quite-English accents. I mean, why in the world the movie needs an accent? I get the use of ancient words but the accents are just beyond me.

Visual effects were just sublime and the costumes were ah-mazing!! I mean, I wished I work at the costume's department because Freya's and Ravenna's outfits were out of this world. Their make up was on point too! Action scenes were good and I personally love the last battle between Freya and Ravenna. There's not much physical contact but I love anything fiction so that must explains it. I did feel a little bit disappointed that the mirror is so easily destroyed! I mean, come on, freeze it and then throw an axe at it? That's all? I don't know, I guess I just thought the mirror would've survived.

The actors did a great job too, especially Charlize Theron. Seriously, that girl can do no wrong in my book. She really embodies the evil queen and everything it represents. I had chills when she speaks, no kidding. Emily Blunt was lovely as per usual. She's perfect for looking so delicate yet stern at the same time. In fact, she might look a little too stiff for my taste at several scenes. Jessica Chastain as Sara did a terrific job as well. She looks strong and like, super duper fit, I wonder if I should've hit the gym the day before just to watch her in action. Chris Hemsworth as Eric is as dreamy as possible and looking believable in all his action scenes. I kind of wish Sope Dirisu who play Tull had more screen time especially with Sara and Eric, because he looks super important with tons of emotions to explore in the beginning of the movie, but just fade away after that.

Anyway, excuse my rambling, I had a super productive week and I feel like rambling about something to soothe my pumped up brain. Apparently, it works!
Let me know what you think about Huntsman : Winter's War.
Have a great weekend!

top - H&M // pants - bought in Bangkok // watch- Michael by Michael Kors
pashli satchel - 3.1 Phillip Lim // wedges - Tory Burch


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