I Close My Eyes and I Can See A Better Day, I Close My Eyes and Pray

Devastating news from Japan. The country was hit by an 8.9 R earthquake approximately 14.45 Japan time. Then tsunami came 2 hours after. Please keep your prayers for those in Japan.
Indonesia got a tsunami warning but thankfully, God is still merciful and we are left unharmed.

I wore a flowery scent perfume when I took this picture and I was surrounded by bees! (fine it was only too. but still) Oh my.. That was definitely one of the most terrifying experience I ever had. I was super scared and running around like crazy. The bees just wouldn't stop! My friend told me to just stand still (easy for him to say, HE wasn't attacked by a swarm of bees!). So I did. I stood perfectly still. Thank God they finally realize that I wasn't a flower (sometimes I wish I were one though!) and leave me alone.  

There are more pictures but I haven't met with my friend again. And this is the only self picture I took with my camera. Oh! My autofocus is back! So happy!

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