Humming Silly Show Tunes Sometimes

I mostly spend my TV hours on Disney Channel so it's not out of the ordinary that you can find me humming to Phineas and Pherb or Shaun the Sheep opening songs. There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation the school comes along just to ends it.. So the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it.. Like maybe... *this is the part where I'm humming*

Why rambling about humming? Well.. Earlier this week I went to a recently opened cafe called Hummingbird! I know. I'm inexplicably witty with words! 

The food was standard and not that good. However, the beverages are surprisingly tasty! And the cakes are all so tempting.. (hey, there, calorific chocolate fudge!)
I love the interior. Mostly dominated with nude wooden stuff.  I'm sure the designer was trying to give us a nest vibe or some sort of... While waiting for our mother to bring home some yummy slimy worms... Oops. I mean, while waiting for the chef to cook us our delicious meals! 
It's quite a cozy place. Spent at least 4 good hours there!

Hopefully you're not having a Monday blue!

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