Concert Rookie

I feel super sleepy right now. I actually dozed off for a few minutes but you know, I miss blogging dearly! And my utmost loyal reader (hey there, Winny Gouw. She has a blog. Do visit!) TOLD me to post about this concert. And here we are.

So I took off from Jakarta at 1 PM for a 3 hours ride back to my hometown. Then at 6.30 PM I had a 2 hours bible study class. Then I had a little briefing from my dad for his waterpark thingy. And now I'm exhausted. But enough whining!

Went to Bruno Mars concert! It was my first music concert ever! So it was really exciting. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Mr. Easy Breezy Bruno Mars. I only know his Grenade song by heart. And a total of 7 songs I recognize from about 14 songs he sang. Therefore, I ended people watching when I didn't know the song he was singing... 

It was crowded and hot and I was all sweaty and dehydrated. However, a fun event indeed! I even ran to some of local actress and actors! And my.. They ARE super tall and super handsome and pretty.

Anyway.. I need some sleep.. I have aerobic class tomorrow at 7 AM.I haven't had any exercise since 2 weeks ago.. And I also skipped 3 meetings of my english course. And I also missed my fellowship once.. Feeling kinda guilty.. Going to explain why I've been MIA on the next post!

Apologies for the low quality. We weren't allowed to bring any cameras!

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