Beverly Hills Chihuahua

My creative bones are very limited and therefore I take title from movies and TVs for my post's title all the time. I shamelessly confess it.
The chihuahua picture on my t-shirt is wearing earrings and you can't really see it, but she's actually carrying shopping bags! Took shopaholic bitches to a whole new level!

For the strangest reason, I always forget to finish painting my nail! 
Resulting in 2 pale and abandoned fingers..

I hope everybody will have a blast on their weekend!


  1. stev tshirt nya lucu :) ini foto di tekko bkn ya? yg di setiabudi :P

  2. still, it looks cool on your t-shirt :)
    but, i don't like dogs for pet. they are only cool as pictures :)

  3. you look so seet and adorable in this outfit! love the chihuahua shirt, i actually watched beverly hills chihuahua a hundred times! :)

  4. Love your shoes! :)


  5. OMG I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!! I have a chihuahua and am obsessed with all things related to the breed! Please tell me where I can find one <3

    THANK YOU!!!!

    - Tanya

  6. I love your top here it's gorg :) cute skirt as well you look great in these pics x

  7. Your tshirt is so cute! And I love how you paired it with that skirt!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! :)
    Glad I'm not the only one who hates those "future" questions! Ha.

  8. don't worry, you're not alone. :)

    the top is so cute and so is the skirt.

  9. I love the skirt. and the brown shoes too. Hahaha. simply chic.

  10. Hahaha! That´s a very cute chihuahua print. It´s nice that you pair it with a skirt. :)

  11. cute shirt ^^ I didn't get the post title right away but then I noticed the Chihuahua ^^ love your outfit :) x

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  13. Ohhh my, your loafers are really cute!!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog, I love puffy skirts too (:

    I like your style, it's very fresh and chic.

    Katie xx


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