It's Her Birthday!

My sister is having her 23rd birthday today! How very exciting, right? 
Do come over to her blog and wish her a gleeful birthday!
She has been my utmost loyal photographer. 
And every outfit and shoes and bags in my closet could not compare to my love for her. 

It is come to my realization how incredibly colorful my top is! It makes me all smiley when I look myself in the mirror. Hopefully it has the same effect to others!

I am not sure what pose I was aiming for.. I suppose.. Waving? 
This pose is incredibly vague.. I must say, the person is very much not vague! 
Well, at least, I don't think I'm vague. I have always been very clear with my words and actions..

How was everybody's Easter Weekend?


  1. aww i love all the colors! it made me smile too!

  2. Hahah. It's always SO funny to look at pictures. I'm always like, "Um. So. WHAT AM I DOING?" It's just one of those things that you will NEVER know! Haha.

    And your shirt is DEFINITELY smile inducing! Which I LOVE. That's what clothing should be about! SMILES :)

    And happy birthday to your sistaaa!

  3. aww you're a sweet sister.I'll greet her. your top has beautiful colors.

  4. You look lovely. I love your glasses!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sister. I love all the colours in your top. It looks so fantatic and summery.

  6. pretty top, gorgeous pattern :)

  7. happy birthday to your sister, wish her all the best :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your sister; cute blouse!

  9. love the top and same here! haha! my sister takes my outfit shots too. :)

    happy birthday to her. :)

  10. Hi. nice outfit. you loook preetty. i started following your blog already :))

  11. That is such a cool blouse. I love the bold print and bright colors. Darling blog!! Thanks so much for stopping by mine:) xx Marisa

  12. woowwwwwww ,... wish ur sista have a guhreat birthday!! and gorgeous pattern anyway

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  13. yeah.pleasure.thanks


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