A Rebel Cause

My teenage rebellious days.. I was quite dangerous, you see. 
The most rebellious teenage act I have ever pulled was : not washing my feet and hands when I got home after school! NEVER! Such a rebel, I know!
Yesterday, on my English course class, we were talking about teenage rebellion. We were asked to answer these questions on a piece of paper.

Had piercing on parts of their bods except ears
Always wore black and gothic make up
Wore very unusual clothers
Had an unusual hairstyle
Started smoking before they were 14
Dropped out of school or college
Had a backstreet relationship
Stole money from their mother's purse
Ditched school
Got pregnant while still in school
Did drugs

Out of 11 questions, I only answered yes 1 for ditched school. And I thought, that was very rebellious of me! I can't even remember why I ditched class in the first place.

Anyway, here's some pictures from last weekend!

I love tied collar! There's something very sweet and feminine about it..

Tell me, what's the most rebellious teenage act you ever pulled?

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