A Rebel Cause

My teenage rebellious days.. I was quite dangerous, you see. 
The most rebellious teenage act I have ever pulled was : not washing my feet and hands when I got home after school! NEVER! Such a rebel, I know!
Yesterday, on my English course class, we were talking about teenage rebellion. We were asked to answer these questions on a piece of paper.

Had piercing on parts of their bods except ears
Always wore black and gothic make up
Wore very unusual clothers
Had an unusual hairstyle
Started smoking before they were 14
Dropped out of school or college
Had a backstreet relationship
Stole money from their mother's purse
Ditched school
Got pregnant while still in school
Did drugs

Out of 11 questions, I only answered yes 1 for ditched school. And I thought, that was very rebellious of me! I can't even remember why I ditched class in the first place.

Anyway, here's some pictures from last weekend!

I love tied collar! There's something very sweet and feminine about it..

Tell me, what's the most rebellious teenage act you ever pulled?


  1. Hey sweet girl :)

    thank you for your comment! The drawing was a school project ;) I like your style.. Your look very cute :)

  2. oh thank you dear :)

    i love these pics :)


  3. i had my tongue pierced in high school, ditched school, wore a lot of black and the list can go on. i was rebellious when i was growing up.

    you look rather cute with your outfit and i love the fringe!! :)

  4. gorgeous outfit, pretty!
    most rebellious act - got drunk haha


  5. i wasn't rebellious at all either!!

    the food in your photos looks great :)

  6. we have the same top! same color, same bow collar and same polka dots...<3 i must agree, the bow collar is such a sweet thing to wear..i love it!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  7. thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!! love these photos, i'm craving a banana split sundae soooo bad now!! love your blog!!

    i wasn't rebellious until college... <3shelby


  8. Thank you for the sweet comment! <3 You guys look gorgeous!
    I was really rebellious back then, I could run away during class when the teacher's still inside!


  9. I love your shirt!
    and your hair is pretty :)


  10. Ahah I love how people automatically assume all teenagers are rebellious/stupid/going to get pregnant!
    Well let's see: dropped out, backstreet relationship, stole money, ditched school, did drugs.
    Yet still I was told by my Law teacher I was the best student he ever had! :D

    Absolutely love your outfit, the blouse is gorgeous :D


  11. Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog. ^^. Well I'm a teenager and the most rebelious thing I did is sneak out of my house and went to this dark tunnel at the park behind my house (I want to check out the raccoon lolz). Lolz, i'm such a goodie two shoes to do anything else XD. Would you like to be each other followers? Actually I'm your new follower. You look so adorable!
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  12. You are TOO adorable, I love your outfit! It's so classic and chic :) I wish I were a rebel, the only yes I have is... well... none of them really. You win!

  13. Yum...banana split! 8)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, you have such a sweet style too!

    I don't think I even skipped school, that's how goody I was. I made plans to, but then always backed out at the last minute...

    I guess I'm going to have to be more rebellious now that I'm in uni! To make up for it. ;)

  14. Drinking was my most rebellious teenage act. :) Btw, I love your top! :)


  15. I love this outfit! the trousers and blouse look like relaxed vintage perfection!

  16. Hmm probably that I got engaged when I was 18...I didn't even tell my parents for a whole year! XD
    But that's it really, I was another one of those "dangerous-rebels" you see :L


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