Song of The Day : The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

It is a little bit ironic that I begin to like his songs more now that the concert day has passed. This song is quite catchy.. With lyrics like "Today I don't feel like doing anything.."

Although I don't feel like doing anything, there are some things I need to get done. Like homework from my bible study class (I haven't done homework in months! Strangely I feel rather excited to do it!) and bathe my dog and prints more fliers and brochures for my dad's waterpark (one rim waiting for me) and taking my mom to the doctor (she's been feeling sick lately) and cleaning my room..

I guess "not doing anything" would have to wait.

I am determined to post three times a week from now on! Ambitious, I know! But I thought I should give it a try and be committed to blogging! Wish me luck..

I have a soft spot for dresses with pockets. It's a dress! It has pockets! It's a dress with pockets! I'm so buying!

I bought this dress on my latest trip to Singapore. I could never get tired of that country!

Went there to watch The Lion King Broadway! I was so very excited. The show is so good! I feel like I can die in peace now that I have watched one of a very coveted Broadway show.

Will be posting pictures from the trip on the next post :)


  1. pretty printed dress stev ;) check mine

  2. wish u all the good luck in the world :)
    nice dress anyway ^^

  3. awwwww,. what a cute sandals! but wait! what happened with ur leg???

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  4. Thanks for your coment, the dress is so lovely and the shoes are really cute!

  5. Super cute dress!

  6. your dress is soooo lovely! i'd love to do nothing for a day. :)

  7. cute outfit!

    check my new blog out :D



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