It's amazing how busy I get when I'm no longer studying and the fact that I'm unemployment makes it even more perplexing. I've been helping out my dad on his recently opened waterpark . Do help and click that Like button! :)

I make proposals, taking pictures, putting up that facebook page, locker-shopping, deciding which drinks will go to foodcourt area, making letters. And all sorts of stuff. I'm a little confused of what exactly my role is on that waterpark. But I tried to make myself believe that I'm helping my dad instead of making him more dizzy.  Fine, I wasn't really busy with helping my dad, I also been trying to get my shop up and running again. I'm selling my preloved clothes, bags, and accessories. Do visit!

I'm not selling international though. Since the price is seriously low, I'm pretty sure that the shipping fee would costs a lot more than the item's price. However, if you live anywhere in Indonesia, check out March Collection album! I'll be waiting for your order!

I also start taking aerobic classes again. With all-you-can-eat all day long everyday, I really need those exercises. And now I have sores all over my shoulders and practically all of my limbs. Heaven. I also took placement test for an English course. Classes starts in two weeks so I supposed I will be busier then. Yes! 
I hate sitting doing nothing at home. I tend to eat more. LOL.

Today my sister and I went to watch The Eagle. The story was really by the book yet I'm truly pleased! I'm easily impressed, I know.  As long as it has a happy ending, I'm a satisfied customer. Yeah to happy endings!


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