Prom Dresses for Your Inner Princess

Hi, guys!
Today I will talk about Disney Princesses. I'm sure each one of you watched the live action Beauty and The Beast movie. I do love Emma Watson as Belle and it seems like every single ladies are fixated on Belle lately. Elsa is also somewhat still very much popular. I am excited about Aladdin live action movie and can't wait to see who they cast as Jasmine! It is an exciting time for us who grown up around those characters. What better way to channel your inner Princess than donning a pretty dress?

I picked three lace prom dresses from Millybridal to accompany you to the ball of your life. Either it be prom, quinceanera, a gala charity event, or just attending your sister's wedding. My favourite is definitely the pale blue number that I picked out to represent Elsa. The pretty yellow dress is a close contender but I'm a sucker for A-line dresses. I do love the flowy bottom of Jasmine's dress. It feels vey unique and one of a kind. Plus, it will looks so gorgeous when you're walking.

Here are the links to the dresses above if you're interested :

I don't mean to sound like a broken record but I do apologise that this is another sponsored post. I meant to post about my Sydney Vacation Diary yesterday but as it turns out I had zero hour to spare. So yeah, that vacation diary is coming up soon. Hopefully tomorrow.
Until then, wishing everyone a great Tuesday!


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