Kyoto Visuals (Day 5)

beanie & scarf- H&M // sweater - Love Letter
blazer - Forever21 // jeans - Giordano
ankle boots - Clarks // bag - Longchamp

We left early to Shizuoka Station for our Shinkansen ride to Kyoto. It was raining in the morning but we managed to get a little break (altho still cloudy and gloomy) in Kyoto. I absolutely adore this city. It has such an old Japanese feel and people rocking beautiful kimonos everywhere. (psst.. you can rent them and experience what it feels to wear their national outfit). 

Posing in front of Shinkansen a.k.a bullet train because of the shape resemblence a bullet. The 2 hours ride was smooth but I didn't enjoy it because people were smoking everywhere. I felt slightly suffocated and so happy when I stepped out of the train. Shinkansen train can go 3 times faster than a usual car.

 Kiyomizu Temple.

This greentea and vanilla ice cream was so good. 
I was cold but I still want one because people were licking ice cream pretty much everywhere.

Rows of sakura in front of Heian Shrine. 


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