Tokyo Visuals (Day 1)

So excited to start my Japan diary! I visited the country on 2013 about the same time as my latest visit. I do feel like this time round the weather is colder, but I learn more things for sure.


Our first place to visit is Ueno Park. It was so crowded making it difficult to take photos; not to mention my mom is not exactly a trained photographer. She did manage to take some nice photos of me :) Ueno Park is the most famous place in Tokyo to go when you want to do Hanami (sitting under sakura trees with friends/family to eat and drink)

Next stop is Asakusa Temple. We were in full toursit mode. I believe this is a Buddhist temple since there is no big gate at the front. There are stores on our left and right; being the shopping partners we are, my mom and I shopped a lot of stuff for souvenirs.

Found this little super-Japan-esque street near Asakusa Temple.
 I want to try riding a bike so bad (not that I can ride one..)

From Asakusa Temple, we were ushered to Tokyo Tower and saw Imperial Palace on our way there. You can't enter Imperial Palace since the royals live there. It is open 2 times a year (on The Emperor birthday and Japan NYE) but you can only see a part of it because most of the area is closed for public even on those two days. Tokyo Tower built to match Eiffel Tower in Paris and it is slightly taller! We went up but not all the way up only halfway. It was a good height and I saw beautiful landscapes of Tokyo :)

Dinner and then a bed at last!
We stayed at Keio Plaza in Tokyo and the place is super comfy (fast wifi in rooms too!) not to mention their to die for curry rice. SO GOOD.


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