Tokyo Visuals (Day 2)

leather jacket - Zara // scarf - H&M
dress - Asos// hat - Cottton On // 
bag - Longchamp

Day Two on our trip, the others went to Disneyland but my mom and I decided to stroll around Tokyo with one of my cousin who has been living there for almost six years now. He picked us up at the hotel and then off we go!

Found this suit store on our way to the station. 
My cousin told me lower class worker wears suit while  higher ranks employee don't. 
I find that very interesting!

My very first train ride in Tokyo! They have one way tickets like the one I hold up in the photo for tourists and top up cards for people who stays longer.

He took us to Odaiba which is a large artificial island made of sands. We went there to see the replica of Statue Liberty, Rainbow Bridge, and of course the infamous Giant Gundam Robot. We had lunch and did a little shopping in Divers City mall.

 Crowded food court in Divers City! It was a Saturday and at lunch hour so we actually had to wait for about 10 minutes before we get our seat. These gyoza + fried rice combo is too good. The gyoza had cheese in it and those just melt in your mouth...

Rainbow Bridge as my #ootd background ;)

After plenty of rests and warmth inside Divers City, we went to Shibuya to check out Hachiko statue. 
If you don't know who this dog is, you might want to watch the movie; prepare lots of tissue.

Shibuya crossing is also one of the famous spot in this district. 
There are people crossing over from pretty much everywhere. 
So many people that I actually felt slightly dizzy. 
Found refuge inside Tokyu Plaza to shop for make up essentials.

Had another yakiniku dinner because we were all so cold (it was 10 degree celcius with endless wind).

Next day we are going to Cat Cafe! Miaw >.<


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