Tokyo Visuals (Day 3)

Day 3 was a Sunday so my mom, me, and my cousin went to church first (which also happened to be Passover Day). After that, we head straight to Harajuku for lunch. Rain pour down since early morning and last for almost the whole day. After lunch we had to navigate our way through small alleys to find the Cat Cafe!

It was literally just a small space of apartement turned into a cafe. By cafe, you can only drink (tea and coffee), no food was allowed. You have to wash your hands before you touch the cats and then was your hands again afterwards. There were 6 cats and they are open for adoption. You pay by 30 minutes (500 yen) and only 6 people max. can get inside. We were lucky to get there when it was snack time. Other wise, the cats won't ever come close to strangers.

You cannot pick up the cats which is annoying because I want so bad to hold close their soft fluffy paws :( The cats were very clean and taken care of. No strange smell in the air.

 Harajuku Station. Which is one of the oldest station in Tokyo.

Next stop was Nakano Broadway which is a shopping complex famous for its many stores selling anime items and Mandarake stores specializes in manga and anime collectibles. My sister wanted a Doraemon Revoltech but we couldn't find it even after entering every store. Ended up buying her a small legos of Red Riding Hood and a cowgirl.

After a failed mission, we went to Asagaya Station to get these Aqualabel compact powders which is loved by many of my aunts and cousins. They do have good coverage (I use No. 10 the lightest shade) and make ups colors come out. They also very cheap, only 1400 yen (around $14) under Shiseido development.

Another gyoza for dinner! This one is at Gyozano Oshou. I didn't mind, but my allergy surely does. Ended up needed to drink a medicine thanks to the rashes.

We moved to a next city on Day 4 :)


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