Sponsor Spotlight : Lovely Leony Evelyn

There are endless options in terms of Online Brands out there. So it was my pleasure to bring attention to one of Indonesian local brand Leony Evelyn (http://leonyevelyn-clothing.com).
 The brand was established in 2012 by Leony Evelyn who graduated from Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai. We shared a common goal, Leony Evelyn and I. We both adore injecting vintage flair to our modern outfit. Obviously, you can see how the collection has a slight vintage feel...

I especially adore the high quality this skirt has! It's slightly shiny and with a pair of pumps and a blazer will be perfect for work or even a night out in town :)
Plus, the perfect color choices between black, red, pink, and silver are just a solid prove how tasteful this brand is. The pink, red, and white bangle is also from Leony Evelyn and it's the perfect finishing touch for my pinky yet mature outfit.

Leony Evelyn also kind enough to give The Sweetest Escape readers a discount code!
Check it out on the left size of this blog..

You can see the shiny fabric live on the video.

Anyway, went to Bakerzin for a lunch meeting with sissy and a friend. Who know Bakerzin meals are as good as their desserts??

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Hopefully you all are having a good day!

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top and deer necklace - c/o Laku.com, skirt and bangle - c/o LeonyEvelyn, outer - Magnolia, shoes - Bellagio


  1. I adore your floral skirt and light pink top!

    Trendy Teal

  2. Pretty skirt. Thanks for sharing. Always love a high-quality skirt.

  3. Your skirt<3 Looks so vintage!:D

  4. Rok-nya cantik, kaya orangnya..:) btw, how do you know about GFC shutting down? i missed the news..D: itu Bakerzin di CP bukan? mirip2 sama yg di CP dekorasinya..:D hehe..

    nice to know new local brand..:D gonna check it out~


  5. what a beautiful skirt, i love the colours of it. and good luck to leony with her new brand. :)

    little henry lee


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