56 Degrees Cafe Bandung

Back again with another foodie corner post! I don't declare myself as a foodie but I do enjoy good food and trying out new places to eat! Luckily, my Bandung city has never run out of cafes/restaurant that pops open pretty much every other week.
This one is 56 Degrees Cafe, Deli, and Grill located at Paskal Hypersquare. This one is right across Three Bears Cafe. It has three floors and the third floor being the most photogenic one. As per usual like any other cafe located at Paskal Hypersquare, the cafe is long and narrow but it was cozy enough for me. Not sure what the theme of the interior is, maybe just homey?

Anyway, the waiter who attend to us was so very helpful and he has vast knowledge about each menu (not like any other waiters/waitresses that I have encountered) also had a smile throughout the entire time we were deciding on what to order. So yeah, my experience was very nice here. Food came out fast enough. 
We ordered Hotcakes (47rb) which is pretty much a dessert but it does have that chef recommendation mark on the menu. I love this one! It's a tad bit too sweet for one but it's perfect for two or even three people.
For the savory menu we ordered Big Breakfast (58,5rb) despite the fact it was dinner time. I like this one okay but nothing impressive. To be fair, it was not recommended by the chef.

Below are the complete menu. I don't think the prices are outrageous... I feel like the pricing is just right but not cheap either. I personally wouldn't come back just because the menus are not exactly my taste (I don't like seafood or ribs or braised beef cheek or lamb or anything that is too creamy) but since a lot of people do like such food, I do recommend to try this cafe out.

Well, wishing everyone a good midweek!

56 Degrees Cafe, Deli, and Grill.
Paskal Hypersquare B69 no. 25
Jl. Pasirkaliki, Bandung.
Weekdays 8AM to 11PM
Weekend 8AM to 12PM
Instagram : @56degrees.cafe


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