Grafika Cikole Bandung

Grafika Cikole is a camping space located near Tangkuban Perahu. You can also do flying fox, ATV, paintball, and pick strawberries. All in all, a very family friendly place. The green houses in my background are also rooms where you can stay in. To get in, you need to pay an entry fee for 25rb per 2 person which you can trade with snacks and drinks. 
I do love the weather! It was sunny but the air feels crisp with breezes every now and then thanks to the many pine trees. I went there around 9AM and the place was already filled with families and groups. I also spotted a couple doing engagement shoot.
Anyway, wishing everyone a nice weekend!

hat - Cotton On // denim jacket - New Look // top - Look Boutique Store // 
jogger pants - from Bangkok // sandals - The Little Things She Needs // bag - Coach

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