Abura Soba Yamatoten Bandung

Abura Soba Yamatoten just opened a few weeks back here in Bandung but apparently the place has opened for a while in Jakarta. If you're not familiar with soba, it's different from ramen and udon; a bit more chewy and usually served cold but here the soba is served warm. You also need to add vinegar and chili oil before you eat it.

I went there on a Saturday night and the place was packed. We actually had to wait for a little bit to get our table. This place is by no mean small, as you can see, the space is decent but because there are so many tables, it's a bit tricky to walk around. I guess they are trying to mimic ramen shops in Japan which usually have teenie tiny small area. I like the ambience, it feels very busy but not hectic. Food came out relatively fast considering it was a full house. Service was great, no mixed order whatsoever. Price-wise is a bit pricier than your usual ramen but nothing outrageous. There is also rice menu if you don't feel like eating soba. I was told their side dish chicken karaage and potato salad also worth trying.

Abura Soba (59k)
This one is my boyfriend' order and I do like it but with all that oil, I'm not a fan.

Amakara Tori Don (65k)
This is basically a chicken rice but I love the chicken' seasoning! Very Japan like.

Included below is the menu.


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