A Late Bloomer

Such a relief that weekend is upon us once again. I don't have any big plans but I did just got home from a luncheon with a few of my friends whom I have missed! Do you have any plans this weekend? 
Anyway, above photos is just me in a super spring outfit (you can say, I'm a late bloomer in terms of using floral pieces) and low-key trying to show off my beloved BB Alma.. ;)
This bag is my very first luxury bag purchase and it's still very darling to my heart. When I first purchased it, I've worn it every single weekend and adjust my outfit around it. That's just how much I loved it. 

This Louis Vuitton number costs a pretty penny but you can find similar cheap handbags online (which you can find here) . Obviously when you buy cheap bags online (trthis link to sethem) , you can't expect them to have the same quality as luxury handbags but if they are cute and cheap, why not purchase them right? You can check out Eric Dress for a wide selection of handbags. I do love tassel detail on bags lately and this roomy hobo bag can be yours for only USD 16.73!
I do admit, I am no role model in terms of shopping philosophy but a little retail therapy never hurts anyone!

Well, wishing everyone a good weekend!


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