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Apparently, I am really committing to this monochromatic life (and posing with my hand in my hair. lol) as per two weeks ago. Never thought I would ever be departed from my beloved floral pastel pieces but as per 2016, I have been rocking a lot of black and white. I don't own a lot of monochromatic items in my closet so it's an excuse to shop even more.. Getting whites are easy since it's summer but black items are quite hard to come by these days so naturally, I resorted to shop said item online.

In the name of acquiring more monochromatic items, I have been exploring every web-store I could think of in my free time which is one my favorite thing to do except when it comes to checking out the cart because that means I have to pay these items that I may not need but I want ;)
If you ever get the same feeling as me, you can check out shop2day which provides online credit shopping service. It's convenient in terms you can choose a weekly or monthly installments.. There is also a "buy now pay later" option! Never heard of that so do get your information correctly to avoid unnecessary risk.

Anyway, last but not least! I don't think I have mentioned about the fasting month for moslems so I do hope every moslem out there is having a good fasting month. I have the most high respect for moslems in terms of their fasting ideals. I honestly cannot survive without drinking for more than three hours, so kudos to them (do people still say kudos?). 

Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend. 

top - MDS // culottes - Look Boutique // earrings - Mango // 
watch - Michael by Michael Kors // Petit 2Jours bag - Fendi // sandals - Zara


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