North Point Kitchen & Lounge Bandung

Hey, guys!
In the spirit of holiday (we are having a Ramadan week for our moslem friends; happy Ramadan to those who celebrate it, by the way) I thought I'll post another foodie post just so my Indonesian reader especially that lived around Bandung and Jakarta will hopefully get a new idea on a restaurant to try out with their friends/family. This one is about North Point Kitchen and Lounge located at Siliwangi which opened a few months back so it's not that new but they haven't have a Grand Opening just yet.

The place is very easy to find and spacious which is a big plus because you can bring your whole squad here. It does says lounge but I don't think it will be a true lounge in daytime, maybe at night tho. It is semi outdoor altho there are some areas that have air conditioning. Looking at their menu, I feel like this place is some sort of a food court because they do have different tenants. They have Japanese food by Sawa Udon, sandwiches by Sukha Delights, Gellato by Mixolato and obviously, a selection of main course meals and desserts by North Point.

I'm not going to talk about their interior design because I'm not an interior designer but I do feel their design is all over the place. They have a bar with industrial vibe, cozy sofas, a bit of Japanese feel, and of course the zen mini garden at the back. So you decide what do you think about this confusing setting.

Food wise.. I tried their burger which strangely is not in the menu; it was their breakfasting package and I don't know if they still have this particular item now that we are not in a fasting month anymore. The burger was really good. Instead of a patty, we got a BBQ chicken. I just wish they have included fries in it. The second time I was there, I tried their Chicken Parmagiano (65rb) and I do not like this one. It's too chicken for me and lack seasoning. My friend tried their Pho Bo and I do not recommend this one because the beef was not fresh and had weird discoloration on it. My other two friends ordered the same burger I tried on my previous visit and it was still good. So I guess you just have to be careful on what to order because not all items are yummy..

Mixolato Gelato especially in wild burberry yogurt was excellent! I also tried their marie dolce latte (too sweet for me), stratiecella , and hazelnut cafe latte. The last two flavors are okay but I've tasted better stratiecella and better hazelnut cafe latte gelato.

Service was good on both of my visits. Food came out relatively fast but I went there when it was still a fasting month so the place was almost empty. Not sure how the service will be when the place is packed.
I do recommend this place since the place is spacious and the food is not all that bad if you know what to order.
Well, wishing everyone a great weekend!

Jalan Taman Sari no. 88
Bandung, Indonesia.
Phone 022 - 20453113
Open everyday from 7AM to 3 AM
Instagram @northpoint_bdg


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