Homeward Bound

I am a family girl. I love spending time with my family. And my dog, obviously.
Friends are great. And I don't know where would I be without them. Definitely not who I am today. However, friends come and go. Some stays, of course, a handful precious diamonds that you rarely find, and you treasure them. Keep them in your heart and keep it safe, dear.

Still, let's be honest, if you happened to have an accident (not a big one, just some scratch here and there) who would you call? 
My answer would be my father
And when you're sick, and don't know what medicine to take, can hardly get out of bed.
Who would you call?
My answer would be my mother.

My sister.. She is my best friend.
My dog.. Well he is.. Definitely something!

necklace - Marks and Spencer (birthday present from a friend), 
vintage red dress - thrifted, blazer - Gaudi, black pumps - Zonzo

Anyway, that's me with my new short hair!
I continue to emphasized to my friends how short my hair is now. And when they finally meet me, they told me it's not short at all. I was like 'what?'. I mean, try compare it to my last post. Seriously, guys, it's short!
Fine, it's not Victoria-Beckham-short, but still, I have never have my hair this short before.

 There this phrase "sesuatu banget" which translated "definitely something" that seems to rose into occasion because one of local celebrity use it to answer some questions during an interview.
I don't understand what's the big deal but it is a catchy phrase and you can use it to answer a lot of different questions that you don't really want to answer.

Yes. Definitely Something!

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