Toast To Happiness!

My sister and I stumbled upon this adorable place when we were waiting for our friends. We were planning to have a karaoke night and we were the first to come to the place. Anyway, this place is called Roppan. It serves toasts and there are some savory menus as well. Their motto is "Toast to Happiness". Such a lovely motto don't you think? Click here to check out their website! 

My sister and I were craving for something sweet. However, we weren't really hungry... But the craving was bad enough we couldn't resist to order this Blueberry Honey Toast. It is super yummy but it was a tiny bit too sweet for me. It's a good thing I didn't have to finish this alone or I might ended up with a sugar rush!

top - Myoung Doung street market, bow belt - Velvet, 
skirt - Topshop, bag - Mango, shoes - Zonzo

If you ever visited the place (it is available at Gandaria City Jakarta, Living World BSD, and Ciwalk Bandung; as far as I know) don't forget to tweet them @Roppanista

Toast to happiness!

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