Don't We Love Wool

Good evening, lovely people!
I am currently waiting for Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense MV to finish buffering.. Excited!!
I am quite a fan of this group. Click here to hear their awesomeness.

I also submitted the above pic to WeLoveWool
The deadline is in 6 days!
I guess I submitted it a little too late. Typical
Would you kindly click here and vote? I would really appreciate it!
Just mentioned it on my comment and I promise to give a special shout out on my next post :)
It took a while for the link to opened. But you got to hear a super catchy tune while waiting!

WeLoveWool is a website that aims to educate people about wool as a natural and renewable fibre.
Woolmark decided to campaigned through this Find Fashion by Feelings where anyone can upload their picture using one or more item of wool. You can also upload your own look and win a $12,000 holiday prize! There are up to 12 feelings you can choose when you upload your pic :)

Spaghetti in my mouth, kebab in my hand.. I was hungry.. 
Well.. Not really. I just want to eat everything.
This probably would be my last post for a week!
I have my Korean language course test next week. Eeepp
Not ready at all!
And I have ten chapters of hangul to memorize. Not a pleasant thought at all.

Wish me luck!
And don't forget to vote for me.. And ask your friends to do so.. LOL


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