My Kind of Holiday

How is weekend treating you, bloggers?
Yesterday Korean test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be so I decided to rewarded myself today with a Korean lunch! I just got home from a yummy Korean bbq lunch with my friends. We spent 3 hours at the restaurant. There was only one other customer, it was a family, I think. Fortunately, they sat far away from us. So we practically joked around and laughed as if we were in our own house.

Just wanted to give a special shout out to my friends : Chyrel Gomez, Cherie, and Debiparna. They are pretty amazing, you know.
The Woolmark contest is over and although I didn't win, I can't help but being grateful for all the love you have showed me :)

Below are pictures from my previous short trip to Singapore (again, you ask? Yes ofcourse!) from 2 weeks ago..
Happy weekend everyone!

Before boarding..  
Top - gifted from Mom!, shorts - Porcupid Closet, thigts - BTC

Finally visited Singapore Botanical Garden!
Brown cardi - BTC, top - Vintagers, shorts and belt - Porcupid Closet
bag - Hobsch, sandals - Mandy's

It was such a gorgeous place! I didn't want to leave..

At Bugis Junction with sis..
Brown cardi - BTC, dress&belt - Mango, bag - Hobsch, sandals - Mandy's

At my cousin's sweet seventeen..
Top - from Korea, necklace - Birthday present from a dear friend, 
skirt - Gaudi, shoes - Bata

A polaroid pic with the birthday girl (she's the hottie in red)

A golden yummyness.. Garrett's Popcorn..

One of my fave pic during this trip. Taken at Orchard Road :)
Top - PopStore, belt - Mango, skirt - Gaudi, bag - Longchamp, shoes - Bellagio

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