Love Letter

Morning, lovely people!
How was everybody's weekend? I spent mine reading half through Conversations With Amber.
The book is really fun to read. I don't know.. As I said, I'm easily impressed. Just wanted to share with you a few paragraphs from the book!

outer - Yenli's Store, white tank - Mango, shorts - Velvet, stocking and boots - BTC

"I think a great deal about love. Love is the foundation of living. The Bible has more about it than I can remember. Love has more facets than any other emotion the heart experiences. Without it there would be no poetry or music, no truly great men and women to give light to the dark history. . . . love involves something which is often forgotten. Love involves responsibility. Too often people in love do not want to accept this. Why not? Responsibility is a heavy word and can be a heavy burden. But without it we do not have love.
If I say 'I love you madly,' it should mean that I will put up with you when you are difficult. I will forgive you when you hurt me, will share your sorrows, comfort you, sustain you. This is an enormous job. . ."
I must remember that I have responsibilities to those I love. These responsibilities may be dull, time-consuming, a nuisance, but they are there. Otherwise that word "love" is as thin as a piece of carbon paper."
Taber, Gladys. 1978.  Conversation with Amber, pg 58-59.

Look how cute my envelope necklace is. A dear friend gave it to me as a birthday present. It sort of inspires the whole 'lettter' title thingy.. ;p
Wishing you a great week ahead!

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