Gan Bei Kitchen Review

During the long weekend, which was filled with soirees involving some of my favorite people, I had a chance to visit Gan Bei Kitchen located near to my house. It was a brutal trip from my place cause as a supposedly a-20-minutes-drive turned out to be a one and a half hour drive thanks to the traffic. I expect the place to be full but to our delight, the recently opened restaurant was quite empty. At first glance, I was impressed with the vintage feel of the interior and surely, I have had enough of industrial cafes that this fancy place was a welcomed change.

My friend ordered a Milo Godzilla (Rp 28.5k) which is an iced-chocolate drink topped with a vanilla ice cream and lastly, sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles. It's originally called Milo Dinasour but they give a nice Japanese twist into it by changing the Dinasour with Godzilla.

I ordered a Pho Bo with sliced beef tenderloin (Rp 47.5k) which is a Vietnamese noodles. I know it doesn't look very appealing but it tastes great and salty just the way I like it.

Above is Pong Curry Fried Rice (Rp 37.5k). Pong means chicken. And it's a generous portion for two to three people. It also tastes quite good. Not too spicy. Although I do wish I can taste the curry more.

So I don't remember the name of the fish-based dish but all my friends seem to like it. I can't say much cause I'm not a big fan of fish...

Above is Stir Fried Mixed Green Asian Vegetables (Rp 42k).

This one is the favorite among all (not mine tho). It's a Crispy Porkbelly (Rp 80k) and my friends LOVE it. I don't get all the fuss about pork. I think beef is the best meat.

The outdoors area has this Arabic feel . .? I'm not sure how all of these are cohesive and the name of the place is rather confusing as well. When you hear a Gan Bei.. You expect it to be a Japanese restaurant. Turned out it was sort of a fusion between all Asians (Chinese, Thai, and Vietnam) favorite food. All in all, I think the price is very worth the money. And I do love the bistro-like atmosphere! You can actually get all dressed up and there is alcoholic beverages coming soon I believe. There's a wine cooler in one corner altho it was still empty when I went there.

Wishing all of you a great rest of the week!

Gan Bei Kitchen
Jalan Hegarmanah no. 12, Bandung
Jawa Barat, Indonesia
For reservations : +62 22 204 11 33

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