Dazzling Night

Good afternoon, bloggers!
 On Thursday, I went to a Blogger Gathering held by Lux who is launching their latest two new products collaborating with Preciosa. The two products are Lux White Glamour which contains microcrystal while Lux White Radiance contains crushed shiny pearls. I prefer the White Radiance because it has more feminine scent while the White Glamour is slightly too sweet for me because of the vanilla. And I'm not exactly a fan of musk. 

The Senior Brand Manager, Afriani Karina, explains that their goal are similar with Preciosa, Czech Crystal Company, to make women shine and sparkle and dazzling so they can radiate their inner and outer beauty. Thus, the collaboration. Lux also annointed five beautiful, gorgeous, sophisticated, and of course, dazzling ladies to share their dazzling moment. The five ladies are Stella Rissa (fashion designer), Lala Karmela (singer), Joseph Fitria (fashion editor), Andra Alodita (fashion blogger), and Alanda Kariza (youth activist). All five were spreading their sparkles and twinkling around us blogger. All five are truly inspiring and I am so happy they are representing these two products because they do shine in their own field.

I also got a chance to meet new blogger friends and can not wait for more blogger gathering.

Oh and the dresscode was dazzling white! (the lace dress is from JessJess, bag by Guess, dettachbale collar by Miss Selfridge, and heels by Bellagio.)And the decor was all white with flowers, white lamp stands, crystals, and everything is impeccable to the tiniest detail. T'was a dazzling night indeed.

Hopefully all of you are having a lovely Sunday!

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