The Other Side of Me

dress, chiffon blazer, and heels - all from HongKong, headband - thrifted, bracelet - H&M

"Early on she had confessed a pleasure in danger. She was right about that. It was there like a joker, something that did not quite fit in her nature. There were always to be discoveries about her, some of them as small as that wink on the pier in Aden when she wanted me to guess at something. But a good part of her world, as I would come to know later, long after our time on the Oronsay , she kept to herself, and I have come to realize that the gentleness of manner I spoke must have grown naturally out of a disguised life." - Michael Ondaatje, The Cat's Table

I love discovering another side of me. God is so complicated and I gues humans are a complicated being with unpredictable sides as well. Yes, I can be contemplative and quiet but once every blue moon, I got all dancy and chirpy. Please click this link and like our dancing video :)

PS. I am so sorry I have been really out of touch with all of your lovely blogs. I haven't replied comments for what it seems like forever. Or blogwalking, for that matter. Please continue to come back and relentlessy leave comment as I'm sure at some point I will reply! Your patience is highly appreciated.

Hopefully everybody is having a great midweek!

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